29 March 2009

I love days like these when I don't come home empty handed from thrifting. And the even bigger bonus is when Riley really like the bowls that I bought because they are sweet, but mostly because they are extra large and thus can be filled to the brim once so as to avoid getting up for seconds. That can either be considered resourcefulness or lazyness (smile).


The Roussel's said...

those bowls and plates are sooo cute i love them...where do you go thrifting?? you need to take me!!!

p.s. would you and riley be down for another photoshoot anytime soon? maybe for like the 1 year mark??

Alexis Layne said...

Kayla,Usually I go to Goodwill because they have a nicer ambiance and selection then savers and most other little shops that I have found, plus they are way cheaper and if you go often you can always find a little gem or two. If I am feeling really ambitious though scottsdale and Phoenix have a pluthera of choice shops.