25 October 2012

A hard days night

Sometimes as I lie in bed and unable to rest (even though i haven't slept more than 5 hours consistently for like 10 years) I watch the hours tick past, 9:30, 10:00, 11:23, 2:30 etc I just long for sleep. I used to be able to sleep anywhere.  Noise, light, super uncomfortable positions it did not matter.  Those days seem so long ago probably because they are but i think i was able to sleep then because i had no idea what this world was about.  Nor did I fully grasp what was just beyond the layers of atmosphere surrounding the earth. I think of the simple days when sleep didn't seem so important, but staying up late talking, plotting, planning, hoping and dreaming for what the future might possibly hold for me was way more worth while.   Don't get me wrong those things still happen they just usually happen at 2am when neither my husband nor I can sleep.  This had become our pillow talk time.  These are moments that I will always cherish, the sleepless era of our married life.  We've even grabbed or binoculars a time or two and sit in our backyard stargazing while discussing eternal things.  What is it going to be like?  I don't claim to have any idea what it will be like but i have plenty of hope and ideas as to what I'd like to experience someday whether in the near future, before I die or in the eternities.  I used to hope for a good man and partner in life, i try to be a good person, I'm not perfect but i found that person and now i call him husband and he is my best friend.  I've always hoped for children, that hope has been sparked by pregnancies that sadly did not come to fruition.  Not many people know that I've had a few miscarriages.  Not an uncommon occurrence but tough in the moment.  Hope of growing our family still exists but along with that hope there is ebbing fear.  Not just of losing another opportunity but of possible heath problems a child might have or raising them in this world so full of hate, death, destruction and greed.  Not to.mention my worry that I'll be the worst mom there ever was.  There is still so much beauty to be found but those worries are still there and not too far from my present thoughts.   i am a firm believer in experience being the mother of all knowledge and that if we are open to learning we can and will learn some of life's greatest lessons from the hardest, saddest things that we endure.  Hope and strength come from hard things right? So we move forward doing the best we can, working hard, being financially self sufficient, having plans for our future, enjoying each moment,  each other, friends and family, literally slowing down enough to smell the proverbial roses etc etc.  Riley can still dream of being a rock star, an aspiring writer and I can still dream of being a free lance nature photographer for national geographic travelling the world with my camera, pens and paper, a sketch pad, and a deep desire to be immersed in everything.  Good night all, but mostly goodnight me since this is my apiece to muse and grumble. I should stop in more often and leave a note or two to remember that i am still breathing and that i still have dreams left to live and discover.

30 April 2012

The beauty of living...

"Trials and tribulations tend to squeeze the artificiality out of us, leaving the essence of what we really are and clarifying what we really yearn for." Elder Neal A Maxwell

17 April 2012

Stubbornly Summer

I enjoy being busy, however I reserve the right to keeping my own pace.  I suppose it is time to let go and let life decide my pace for awhile! 

03 March 2012

Don’t meander in the maze of mediocrity

I have been writing lots and lots lately emailing myself ideas, thoughts, concerns, questions that need study, prayer and resolve.  It has been a strange time, full of unexpected change, busy with learning how to relax, how to let go of things (and people in some instances) that i have no control over, understanding myself and who I am as an individual, who i am as a wife, daughter, daughter in law, grand-daughter in law, niece, sister etc.  There is so much that i have left undone and so much that i fell a desire to do and understand.

The paths to get where i want to go are innumerable, and being blazed as I write this and some have yet to be discovered. Maybe it is as a labyrinth?  Or perhaps just a big open road with forks and sharp turns and divides and paths such as those left by army’s of ants in there vigilant pursuit of food and survival.  Knowing that there is someplace to be, somewhere we are going and not just wandering round and round in a spiraling dizzy does in fact bring a brief sense of peace.  I’ve discovered for myself that constant peace means constantly seeking, developing oneself, mind and intellect, body and soul. I am striving in earnest for balance with all aspects of self and deity.  I hope to find my way back to these pages from time to time opening closed doors and windows to let some light in and anyone willing to enter in.

15 October 2011

Shoe Love

{ ? }



 { ? }




 { LULU's }

{ LULU's }

28 July 2010

The List

So I have a list of projects and things to do that is miles long. The top of the list and also what will probably take me awhile because I have to collect the bottles is new lighting for my kitchen. I can't find the picture that best depicts what I will be doing but this top one is closest to it. Just imagine two rows of bottles spread out and in straight line of varying greens and blues.

{this one}

{as outdoor lighting in my trees for garden parties}

{this is so awesome}

{ I might use this idea instead }


11 July 2010

stRipEs sTriPes StrIpeS

{I would love these chevron stripes in the dining room but I'm not sure I want to commit the time}

{This one is for you Jessica!}

{I adore this nursery ceiling}

Having to decide on paint colors has proven more difficult than first imagined, greys, aqua, yellow's and oranges oh my. What if I spend the money and end up hating it or in a few months change my mind? What if the color turns out all wrong? I guess it just comes down to the face that I love color and I am excited to paint walls that are mine so I am going to do what I want and have fun! p.s. I love these stripes and have been dreaming of them all night long.

08 July 2010

I just painted my bike which was my mom's I believe from forever ago. This bike seat would be the perfect addition to the sky blue bike.