02 April 2009


I don't know what it is about the changing seasons but I get really ansy about life and like to make changes in my home and my daily routine.

Yesterday after work I decided I wanted to be out and about and as I drove to nowhere in particular I found myself at Anthropologie, which come to find out is a sister company of Urban Outfiters, and Free People no wonder I love it all so much. I had in mind to look at thier hardware for drawers and such since I am planning on sanding and either re-staining and/or painting a few key pieces of furniture in our house soon (on the to do list). Well I grabbed a basket and as I placed lovely things within it I found myself wanting it all. I continued into the linens area, since we are in need of new bedding for our new bigger bed and I just couldn't stand it, I loved it all too. Feeling a little overwhelmed I started looking at there clothes!
My downfall was that, I wanted everything and so I left with nothing. I can admit I enjoy shopping probably A LOT more then the normal person but I am learning when to say no. I also understand that I am fickle and because I like change so much I have a hard time choosing something that will ultimately be a semi-perminate fixture in my home/life. You'd think a quilt or comforter wouldn't be such a big deal but when you have to look at it all the time and be comfy cozy well, then it becomes a big deal. I have a different favorite color every week so you can imagine the difficulty in finding one thing I can take home. So what is the solution to this madness?... Go for simple colors not to bright and accesorize of course. Bright fun pillows for a bed or couch. Vases, flowers, wall frames etc... (things I can move around the house and change the scenery a bit if ever I get "bored" of it). I have learned that if I get sick of something in my closet I just have to find a new way to wear it or if I am tired of the color of something I can repaint it. I have so many ideas but not enough time, not enough space and clearly not enough funds to bring them all to fruition, but I figure I'll do a little here and there and all will work out in time.

on the top of my TO DO LIST :

-Curtains for bedrooms and living room ( made by me)

-recover old throw pillow

-put new tires and a fresh coat of spray paint on my old bike,

-finally frame that lovely embroidered piece of 60's art (it needs a custom frame that's why I'm dragging my feet about that one)

- finish decorating the guest bathroom so that I can start with my own bathroom...

-Sand down kitchen table, night stands and dresser

-Find paint and stain samples for kitchen table, nightstands and dresser

-paint kitchen table, night stands and dresser

-Find hardware for night stands and dresser

-rent rug doctor and clean my carpets

-refurbish an old chest that ML gave me

-buy more fresh flowers for the patio... and also for the milk vase I found a few weeks ago etc etc etc.

I suppose with spring/summer I want to brighten my life a bit to aide in coming out of "hibernation"


Lincs and Ali said...

dang gina! Your to do list is bigger than mine. Are you still in that same apartment?
And I think I love to shop as much as you do, except I am still learning to say no. You go girl.

Lincs and Ali said...

ps how did you make your header? I love it.