23 March 2009

{Happy Spring}

Following a ridiculously loud St. Patricks Day "celebration" that thundered from almost a mile up the road (I love the Irish and lepricons and rainbows just as much as the next but it was pretty obnoxious) and a sweet "Happy Spring" from Riley the morning of March 20th a conversation spurred about all the various traditions that we celebrate as a people. In conversing we decided that we wanted to start our own little traditions, to celebrate things that were meaningful to us. To remember that life changes like the weather sometimes and there is always something to look forward to just around the corner, maybe not tomorrow but next week or next month... That if we can find ways to survive the heat of an Arizona Summer then we can face any challenge in life with a positive attitude and eternal outlook. Isn't it important to remember creation and the Creator, and in celebrating each equinox and solstice, learning the histories of each passing season won't we be celebrating creation and beauty and God for that matter?!

We both love the outdoors and nature's beauty so why not celebrate it with mother nature herself! I was thinking for Summer Solstice perhaps we should take a trip to the beach since that is also a super special day to us, and then for Fall Equinox maybe camping, Winter Solstice an escape to somewhere chilly with snow maybe snowboarding, and Spring Equinox well we just enjoyed the natural splendor that was all around us, flowers in bloom and such, but we were just getting started this year continuing to plan our life together and how we will share and teach out children someday! So even though it is a little late HAPPY SPRING, may the orange blossoms fill your soul with sweet citrusy joy, and the smell of fresh cut grass mixed with gasoline take you back to the days when summer days consisted of yard work, cartoons, and sleeping in!

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