18 March 2009

I have been growing my hair out, basically since the instant I cut it super short last June. And while in that process of monotonous, boring, and tedious hair growth I decided once again that it would be a good idea to cut bangs. Not long sweepy bangs but short ones. Well like the aforementioned regretable hair cut months ago I hated myself shortly after the deed was done and I once again had bangs to short to tuck behind my ears. Bobby pins have become my new best friends and I have also been experimenting with different braid/twist options to nicely hide the fact that I am growing them out along with the rest of my tresses. It has been fun trying different things with them most mornings and I found these pics as a little extra inspiration!


Lincs and Ali said...

I LOVE your hair short!

Alexis Layne said...

No Ali I Love your short hair!

Laura said...

Nattie just got bangs too! They look really cute on her...now she looks a bit like a brunette Twiggy.