20 December 2008

{Holiday Baking}

Peach & Blackberry Pie

I have been watching cooking shows galore lately and that along with the holiday season has inspired me to a more domestic lifestyle. Don't get me wrong I cook often but I am definitely looking to branch out and awaken the Betty Crocker within. Hopefully it tastes alright. I'll let Riley sample it first and let you all know! ;)

Things to work on: My crust, not quite like mammas. Presentation, I tried to make a little birdie on the crust but it sort of melted. And last but not least buy a real pie pan, maybe even a smaller one for a family of two.



Riley said...

this pie was the best i've ever had,

true story.

Alexis Layne + Riley said...

you're too sweet babe!

Lincs and Ali said...

Thats my mom! Always making good food! So talented.