16 December 2008


What to do on a Sunday evening after the most wonderful, cozy, restful nap?? Start a puzzle of course, good thing we had one

it's very important to take care of the borders first I'm glad Ri has similar puzzle strategy

we had snacks, peanut butter and saltines Yum tum
And as you can tell from the pictures it took us a little while to really focus soley on the puzzle, between the David Blaine marathon that had Riley enthrawled and Steve Carrell making me laugh it took us a bit longer then expected. Truth be told it was hard, but very fun. I thought I always had something funny to say until I met Riley and I truly met my match in him even when doing something seaminly simple as a puzzle!

This is quite a few hours after we had started and Riley had already told me several times that pieces were missing because he couldn't find the one corner piece closest to his right wrist in this picture. Also a little background my Grandma was an avid puzzler she was always putting together puzzles but she also liked to win at things namely cards but anyway she was known to hide pieces even in her mouth so as to be the last person with a puzzle piece. Riley may have accused me of pulling a "Grandma Johnson" once or twice. I don't blame him, everything I know about the game of speed I learned from Grandma at a young age and I killed Riley at cards a few times thanks to her!

We just kept going and going and I would stop to stretch or rest my eyes because the pieces were all starting to look the same after 6 hours at it and Ri would make comments like "well, I guess I am just going to have to finish this thing all by myself ..." It was like 2 in the morning and he was still going, he really wanted to finish but I called it quits and he soon followed. He jumped out of bed a few hours later when the sun came up and went right back to the puzzle. Lucky for me he had some errands to run and so I got to finish it off, except I saved him the very last piece.

As you can see no pieces were missing and it glows in the dark too! Thanks Ken & Laura!!! I plan on buying more so as to always have a back up for rainy days!

Total number of pieces 500
Total man hours to complete puzzle like 15 (seriously)
Fun times had while puzzling... Priceless


mimilee said...

wizard, you shall not pass!!

Lincs and Ali said...

You two are seriously adorable! You make me laugh. And you look gorgeous in that last pic lex!

Lindsey & Brett said...

Good work! We bought a puzzle a while back and we were way over ambitious because we got a 1000 piece one. I had just started really getting into it when packing day came. Let me tell you, taking a part something unfinished that you have worked forever on is really REALLY sad. Looking at these pictures made me a little teary. I guess one day when we get that puzzle out of storage I can try again. It should be easier this time, right?

Laura said...

So glad to see you both enjoyed the puzzle! Chelsey and I finished one off last week and can't bring ourselves to put it back in the box. Anyway...Chelsey nearly came out of her skin when she saw Riley in "HER" Army hoodie. "That's where it went...I want it BACK!" ha ha :) NO, seriously! Natalie always accused Chelsey of stealing her hoodie, but now we know who the true culprit is!!

Alexis Layne + Riley said...

ah Lindsey, well if you want we can buy a much smaller puzzle say 250 and put it together while your down!

And Laura, I am laughing pretty hard right now. I must admit that sweatshirt is super comfy and I now know why Chelsea called us last night! ha ha