24 December 2008

Feliz Navidad

Our first Christmas together.

We opened our gifts to each other on Christmas Eve because we were too excited and couldn't wait, and on Christmas morning we went to my parents for breakfast and our Secret Santa gift exchange. It was so fun seeing all the new additions to the family there Riley, Kayla, JJ's wife and Greg, Hannah's husband. And especially to see the kids so excited for what santa brought them. I just love seeing my nieces and nephews and they always add to the fun of the holidays.

Our next stop was Grandma Tilly's for dinner with the Alexanders and Woods:) They are always a lot of fun especially all the cousins running around wanting to play dress up and hide and seek. And we all sat down and watched a video called reflections about Christ. The reason we commemorate this time of year. I am so very grateful to know Christ and to understand what his life means and makes possible for us all. It was nice to have everyone together for that. Me and Ri were a little bummed out that Chad Michelle and the kids weren't there but we got some exciting news... Michelle is pregnant and so in June or July there will be another addition to the family. Yay! Congrats guys!

After making the rounds from Gilbert to Glendale we finally made it home to snuggle up to a movie to enjoy our time together and the lights and decorations one last time because they are all coming down tomorrow.

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