02 September 2008

someday# 5

"A room without books is like a body without a soul."Marcus Tullius Cicero

Ok so I love books, not just the reading of but the smell of old books. Yep that musty old smell that most people can't stand I love it. The fabrics and colors and textures, the print and the yellowing of pages that have been turned and thoughts and ideas that have been imagined through someone elses mind a long time ago. I and my husband plan on having a library and we already have a pretty good start.

Here are some possible ideas for future book shelves, in future rooms, in a future home where we will most assuredly learn, laugh and love in.

{ I love the shape of this little nook and how perfectly placed this book shelf is}

{wall to ceiling books, divine}

{the yellow wall behind this book case is perfect and brightens everything}

{I love love how these shelves frame the doorway, no end in sight}

{I have this weird yellow fetish going on. well yellow, red and grey}

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