07 September 2008

She's so strange...

Sometimes I spend hours and hours looking at pictures. Why was I looking at stairs? I don't know, but I found some amazing pictures just the same and that is what really matters. Maybe just a glimpse into my imagination and where I like to hang out, Riley is there of couse which is all the more reason to love him.

{didn't led zeppelin write a song about this place?... the stairway to heaven! I would live here if only I knew where it was}

{I love the wood stairs with the tile details}

{Swiss Family Robinson had the right idea, Tree Houses! sleep under the stars, wake up to nature, long walks, fresh wildberries, cool streams, nothing but the wind in the trees. As long as the spiders keep to themselves this would be divine}

{this one for obvious reasons is my favorite, old book shop with a secret stash of only the finest vintage, musty books imaginable... yeah i could live here or at least walk here daily}

{i think of the labyrinth and david bowie, a stairway to nowhere and everywhere}

{our place}

{oh let me just go for a swim in the sea, as I only have to step out side my back door, good idea for now bad idea once the sea level really starts to rise}


Lincs and Ali said...

I love this post

Lindsey & Brett said...

I second lincs and ali. Here here to this post. You always have some of the best and most interesting pictures on your blog.