01 September 2008

round 2, 2am

I don't know what it is about 2am, but those crickets are like clock work!
So we had a couple of weeks of silent nights, our loud friends stayed out of our bathroom and there was sleep.
The other night we were rudely awoken at 2am again by what could only be new comer crickets because I figured the word had spread that 2am wake up calls didn't go over so well in apt #2235. Riley instead of his usually grunt simply asks me to take care of them. What? Really? Ok! So i took care of the male and female cricket problems in the bathroom and was back to sleep within minutes. Ahh sweetpeace.
Next morning...
Ri:Hey, what is my sandal doing in the bathroom with cricket gut all over it?
ME:Don't you remeber asking me to "take care of them last night"?
Ri: No!... really? I did? Ah man now my sandals have bad vibes on them
Me: Hey you asked and I delivered

{I'm convinced I was an assasin in a previous life because of how easy it is to take care of those pesky problems that seem to keep popping up. Spiders and crickets and flies oh my... Maybe I'm just in the wrong career path, maybe I should call up Orkin and see what they have to offer me =) }
Don't get me wrong I feel bad for killing them but they just shouldn't be in my house. And they sure as heck shouldn't be waking me up at all hours of the night. I am sure there will be some sort of bug justice for all the flying critters that flew into my windshield or grill, or crickets, spiders, flies etc that found the bottom of my shoe and I am preparing for the day when I will wake up covered in these grossly gross creepy crawlers all over me giving me my just desert. I just pray that it doens't come to that.
spiders bane


Lincs and Ali said...

that's my madre! Bichos no problema!

. said...

First, cute background! I don't know how long you've had it 'cause I read your blog through google reader, but cute all the same! Next...many chuckles are headed your way, these last two pots in particular. It's very nice"