09 September 2008

ode to FaLL

Dear Fall,
I am looking forward to your return. It seems like forever since I have last felt your chill. I am excited for sweater weather, for my beloved cardigans to get the wear they most assuredly deserve, to on occasion wear closed toed shoes, scarfs, hats, and even jackets. To, at my leisure and comfort on those perfectly warm fall days sport the sandals that make me smile always and have faithfully carried me through yet another wonderful and very sunny summer. To watch the nations weather at it's finest/coldest and snowiest and be reminded how wonderful it is to live in Arizona and enjoy the most ideal winter weather around (my opinion).

I vibrate at the thought of campouts, becoming more unified with Mother nature with nothing but my sleeping bag and the stars (maybe a tent would help with the warmth), camp fires, smores, snuggling next to the fire with my sweetie, road trips north, a little bit of snow and of course the long awaited cooler weather that tends to be perfection during sunshining hours. Family gatherings and the mayhem that ensues when the Roussel's get together and eat. The hints of the upcoming winter with hot chocolate, christmas lights, long evening walks, crunchy leaves beneath my feet, and the like.
I have already had hints of your arrival as the mornings seem to be cooler then normal, the current 80 degrees is heavenly.
Oh yeah, and I hope that my new family will be able to make it this far west sometime in the coming months for Riley and I are missing them a lot these days.

I can hardly wait, please make haste!

your ever patient Arizonian
p.s. here are a few somethings to entice you further...

{yes and yes}

{perhaps the weather might permit one of these}

{where can I find this lovely dress?!!!}

{ok so these aren't really fall attire but they are super cute and I would wear them often especially with the above formentioned dress}

{i adore boots but just can't seem to find an excuse to justify spending the money on them}

{and I may dust off these...}

{so as to make one or two of these}


Lincs and Ali said...

no way. your background is so much cuter. Where did you get it? PS I miss you

Lindsey & Brett said...

I haven't decided if I'm ready for fall or not... I like the idea, but then when it gets here and freezes me, I'm usually ready for it to be over. Actually, I suppose it's winter that I get sick of.