07 July 2008

wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. . .

Our 4th of July weekend was. . . eventful? It didn't so much conisist of homemade icecream, BBQ ribs, steak, hamburgers & beans, nor did it involve fireworks nope, Riley and I gave into temptation and bought a wii. Yup, not only that we were on our way home from the only Walmart in a 50 mile radius rather the only store in a 50 mile radius that had any wii's in stock, when we realized that our current 13" tv would not do our newest addition to the family justice. So we ran home dropped off the new toy jumped on the internet and did a little price comparison. Seeing as it was the 4th of July weekend and SALES were inevitable we checked all the major appliance stores. Circuit City was the winner, we were looking to upgrade to an LCD HD and of course we were convinced to spend a bit more then we wanted but it was worth it. Usually Riley is the one who panics over money and penny pinches but he was the calm one and I was the one who was looking for a paper bag ot breath into after the purchase. No worries it passed as soon as we got home unloaded it and Riley got everything set up. We played games until about 2am when I went to bed, Riley didn't follow until hours later. In fact I woke up later that night to the sound of Arrested Development and went to see what was going on. Yup Riley was asleep on the couch with the new larger tv blaring and there I left him. I might mention with a bit of embarassment that after a grueling boxing match between the two Smiths which i lost (but put up a good fight) I was sore the next day. I think that is a sign that it is time to head back to the gym.

p.s. if you think the wii is hard to get a hold of try finding Mario Cart for the wii, IMpossible, but we will triumph!

P.S.s. My new catch phrase is "this isn't good for our marriage". I am afraid me and Riley are both a bit competitive me too and when I say a bit I mean VERY. Riley tends to be a sore winner and we both can be a bit ruthless when it comes to revenge in our gaming and when it comes to winning. I learned this the first time we played cards. We were playing a friendly game of speed and I was dominating. He had no idea that A) I had such skills and B) I used to play with my grandma all the time in my childhood, she was competitive and I learned to play to win. After the last late night game of mario party and some unnecessary anger Riley decided it would be best that we play as a team what a smart man I married!

Also we got to drive to Tucson Sunday night to be with family and friends. Chelsea (Riley's sister) her boyfriend Clint was baptized. The spirit was amazing and powerful you could see the changes in him the last few months have been really good for him and we know he will be blessed as he continue to seek after light and truth. Congrats Clint. Also Riley got to see a lot of Tucson friends and we we lucky enough to spend a couple of hours with my sister Aub and her kids whom I love to pieces.

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