11 July 2008

I tag myself

I'm Passionate About......
Almost Everything. . .
1. Anything Vintage (the 40's-70's)
2. The weather & Nature!
3. What I feel is right & true
4. MUSIC!!! listening to, singing at the top of my lung, harmonies, rocking at concerts etc...
5. Goodwill Saturdays (everythings 1/2 off) and Saver's deals, basically a good deal on anything
6. Rocking Chairs (I am currently looking for the perfect one, the glider however modern & efficient just won't suffice)
7. Family & Friends, mi esposo
8. LAUGHING and or Thought (things that inspire, encourage and foster thinking and in turn cause some sort of reaction or action)!(Laughter is most quickly brought on by the perfect blend of Wit & Sarcasm, and the natural day to day happening of life, Riley first thing in the morning,Bill Cosby and especially my dad and his isms). . . ..........

Can Listen to Over and Over. . . and over again........
In NO particular order
1. Foo Fighters- Headwires
2. Iron & Wine- My Ladies House
3. Radiohead- Freak
4. Travis- All I want to do is Rock
5. Muse- New Born
6. The Arcade Fire-Neighborhood #1
7. Radical Face- Welcome Home
8. Death Cab for Cutie- Title & registration
9. Van Morrison- Sweet Thing
10. Foo Fighters- February Stars
11. Spoon- Somthing to look forward to
12. Incubus- Aqueous Transmission
13. Ingrid Michaelson- A Bird's Song
14. Jack Johnson- Angel
15. Radiohead- Street Spirit
16. KT Tunstall- Hold on
17. Led Zeppellin- Rock & Roll
18. Muse -Sunburn
19. Nick Drake- Place to Be
20. Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Hard to Concentrate
- Sublime( bradley nowel & friends acoustic album)

The past 8 books I've read...
(in no particular order)
1. A wrinkle in Time
2. Twilight
3. New Moon
4. Eclipse
5. The Book of Mormon
6. Parts of Urantia
7. The last Battle
8. ...Breaking Dawn ( just using a little forsight)

Things I say often...
1. you would!
2. Mario's a winner
3. seriously guys?
4. wHAt? (said in a drawn out, loud voice, extra empahsis placed on thefact that it is indeed a question)
5. or sumthin (spoken with a spanish accent)
6. done and done
7. porfi (spanish for please said with puppy dog eyes and pouty lips, success rate is high!)
8. this is not good for our marriage(in reference to our competitive nature and our newly purchased wii with mario party 8)

Random ThiNGs About mE. . . . . . . . . .. ......
1. I really like sci-fi (thanks Dad)
2. I used to bite my toe nails when i was little(gross I know, I ate dirt on cookies too it makes no sense at all)
3. I LOVE the color grey&black A LOT!
4. I met my Husband on Myspace
5. I'm a natural blond and keep my intelligence/opinions to myself on purpose so that when I have something to say I throw A LOT of people off into a spiral of surprise & shock. Stereotypes are Bunk!
6. I would much rather drive a Wagon(the volvo variety) then an SUV
7. I really enjoy quilting
8. I eat peanut butter sometimes with a spoon and raisens. D-licious
-Sometimes I really do want to hug a tree, they give us shade, clean air, a place to talk, food, paper, HOMEs and so much more and we cut em down and chop em up. They are beings too!

Things I want to DO before I diE...
1. Visit Europe (Mostly London, Itlay, Ireland...Germany would be bad either)
2. Backpack Central America to see Ancient Temples w/esposo
3. Write a book, column in a paper or sumthin (maybe a blog... :)
4. Patience,... ;) right
5. Learn to play Piano & Guitar...
6. Have some Kids :0
7. To start a project and plan out and finish it in a timely manner(perhaps a book, but most likely the quilt I have been planning for like 5 years)
8. **insert best for last here**...

Things I've learned this YeAR...
1. To be myself
2. A broader perspective of the world, belief, people etc
3. Be careful what you ask/wish for. . .
4. Family really is important
5. Love
6. to chill
7. to budget(it really is important)
8. to splurge a little
-to enjoy the frosting on my own cake and stop worrying how crooked everyones else's cake is, D-lish

I don't know if this is against the rules seeing as i tagged myself but I tag Lindsey, Debbie, Connie & Mimi

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