03 July 2008

buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks...

My favorite version of "Take me out to the ball game" that I found was by Bob McGrath, organ and all. Little did I remember that you actually sang that song at a baseball game, Oh and since when do we stand to sing that song? You stand as the National Anthem, but come on.

Anywho I've decided that I must have a "give any major league tickets you don't want" plastered on my forhead becasue a co-worker offered me 2 tickets free parking included to the Diamond Backs game last night. They played the Milwakee Brewers. Mostly I was excited to go with Riley since A) He loves Baseball, B) We have been wanting to go to a game for awhile now and just haven't had the time or money and C) helllo, THEY WERE FREE!!! Lower level near 3rd base, pretty good seats and it was a decent game, lots of base ball to watch and lots of people for this people watcher to watch. The game wasn't full of a lot of action and we lost but I learned all about baseball from Ri and so I feel as though I can appreciate the game more and cheer them on as an educated fan.

Highlights of the game were as follows:
1)Riley's excited face as we found our seats

2)The 60 something cheerleader that clapped for 10 minutes straight and yelled unmetionable things to the players as they walked onto the field(also I might mention that when she would rest from clapping she would rest her hands on her hips as only a cheerleader would)

3)Random baseball stats
4)The over excited possibly gay man whose seats we sat in by mistake, turns out we had closer seats then we thought (but we could still hear him cheering and chanting the whole game ha ha)
5)the girl who sat in front of me, she had this awesome tatoo, i may have stared at it for a bit too long
6) Realizing that Baseball is Americas favorite past time (well part of America...)

7) Eating a whole thing of Nachos that looked soo tantalizing but in actuality didn't taste that good but I finished most of them jalepenos and all because they cost like $7. And i'm paying the price today!

(We could have gone out to a sit down restaurant for what we paid to eat hot dogs and nachos at that place)

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Lincs & Ali said...

I love your short hair!