01 July 2008


We have come a long way from the days of Ataries and the Nintendo. I was never really in to all that stuff mostly I played tetris and the Mario brothers games, those were good times for sure. My favorite is still Super Mario Brothers 3, Tetris Attack and Mario Cart. unfortunately I have never conquered. Friends whilst in Target the other day Riley and I found ourselves with one of those handy gun scanners "fixing" our registry, and in our wanderings we found ourselves in the electronics section where we happened upon the Mario Cart Wii!!! yeah I know, the first thing Riley said was "Can we please put that on our registry", not being able to say no because A) I wanted it too and B) seeing the pleading in his eyes I said of course and we preceeded to add game after game to our registry...
Well, the wedding has come and gone and although we found ourselves surrounded by friends family and loved ones, who were more then generous in there gift giving, we DID NOT however find ourselves as new owners of the wii nor the Mario Cart which our hearts so greatly desired. Truth be told I think we may be dropping some serious cash in the next few days and I think you know what we will be buying.
Lots of love
The Smiths


mimilee said...

ok alexis listen... this is important. when you get your mario kart on wii (not IF, WHEN) hook up to your internet and we can race eachother. me, comfortable from my house, and you from yours... then we shall see who is the better wo-man.

Melissa said...

lex...you're so pretty!!! Um, wedding pics? I'm DYING to see them. Waiting for that post any day now. How was your beautiful wedding day? Honeymoon? Wedded bliss? You look so happy, I love it.