21 March 2008

Car for Sale

In Argentina you would know a car was for sale if it had a bottle sitting on top of it and it had been in the same place for months on end. Often I was left to think that maybe the car didn't work at all and the bottle was just there to keep neighbors from complaining about the car or to deter the desperate car thief. Right now I have an ever growing list of issues with my car some are fixable and will only take a bit of time, elbow grease and of course axcess to my ever shrinking checking account. And some seem to be ever growing along with the headache they are causing me.

The list goes as follows:

My breaks are grinding hard core which means I may need a new rotar or just have my dad change them and do what he did last year and take it for a drive around the block slamming the breaks a few times to smooth out the grinded rotar.

My Radiator, oh yes the radiator that since last October or November has been my constant worry. First it was cracked, I still drove it because it was drivable and I didn't want to spend the money. And then after two months I finally gave in and thanks to my savy dad found a smoking deal on a metal radiator to replace the stock plastic one. Problem solved right? WRONG! I still had a leaking radiator that over heated wilst idleing and it freaked me out a lot. Could it be the hoses? Or the flow or the heater core, well we changed out the thermostat next and that seemed to help for a while but once again overheating. Then we put new clamps on the hoses becasue that is surely why it is leaking and over heating and blowing up. Guess what it is still getting hot and leaking now more then ever. Dam! Still don't know what's wrong. good thing my dad is Mr. Fix-it himself and he loves me enough to fiddle with it and use his expertise to cuss it into submission.

Rotate the tires, I cringe as I say this but it has been about a year and this is the first time I have gotten them rotated. Yeah I know classic girl mistake. I have been meaning to but I am master procratinator, Seriously and those tires were not cheap ( you would think I would be taking better care of them) even with the discount I got by being a girl and playing that card. I don't play it often but I played the helpless, broke, puppy dog eyes card and it worked like a charm. I know, I hang my head in shame when I think about it, but hey who want to pay $700 for tires when you can spend less then $500? Who pays $500 for tires? suckers like me who want to be able to drive fast and not loose tracktion that's who, I'm a chump. Honestly though I have never cried to get out of a ticket so don't judge me!

Oh and I need to change the oil, oil filter and air filter. I think I am pushing 4500 miles since my last oil change. Yowza. I think I may have a coupon for a free oil change around here somewhere. I am hard on my car it's true and the radiator is probably just vengeance or car kharma coming back to get me.

Oh did I mention the tape player is busted? Yeah, who even uses those right, well I do, rather i did.

Basically I am hoping someone will just hit me and total my car, insurance will pay it off and I can get something that isn't as fickle as I am. I guess we are in a way like our cars. With summer just around the corner we are both likely to overheat often ;)

p.s. Riley has had similar and multiple issues with his car as of late and I was inspired by his blog and also by leaky radiator of last night

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