23 March 2008

Thank you for not Smoking

Things I love, bare feet, and ironically shoes, spring time, orange blossoms, stars and the sky the rest in, music as of late the indie/folk variety, anything that looks, feels or smells old, fashion from the 40's-70's and current fashion trends which basically encompass and have revamped those time periods, progressive thinking without sacrificing personal moral values and ideals, camping, beards, feminity, thought, the smell of old books because they leave me feeling like the book has captured a small fraction of the essence of the persons, homes, and thoughts of those who have read them, photography, knitting and crocheting, libraries, decorating, REAL MEN, cheesy chick flicks , and like any good american, hot dogs. I just feel the need to eat one from time to time even knowing good and well that they are what "they" say they are, throw on the ketchup and mustard yum-ee,orange blossoms, pointy heals , big glasses, change, bike rides, fall, the smell of freshly cut summer grass, Az sunsets, monsoon season, wit, humor the ability to stand the heat that resides in the kitchen, childrens laughter( Wesley's laugh is the most joyous noise ever! )

Things I frown upon: smoking, not so much the smoker because we should "love our neighbors" but the act of smoking, although I find there is a sweet spot in my heart for granfathers who still choose to smoke with a pipe it's sort of endearing just like I find it comedic when the elderly swear, vomit, excessive drinking; to each his own but know when to say when and drive responsibly, poor drivers ( found out recently i am a mediocre driver all because I choose to follow too close to the car in front of me, I am in the process of correcting said status), busters- no explanation necessary, pointy heals, big glasses(i know it's a love hate relationship) the 80's lack of fashion sense, rat tails(the hair 'statement), people who say samiches, it's SANDwhiches, baby talk when you are not talking to babies, politicians/salemen they are basically the same thing and they both leave me feeling the same way, Slim-ee, tapioca pudding, people who say they are veagan but continue to eat animal products... ignorant opinions, people who think and don't do, do and don't think... If we would all drive the speed limit and work together and just THINK we would all get to where we need to go. Oh yeah and "THEY", who are "they" anyway? They say, They think, They do, They like, ecetera. What-ever !!!

Really if I were more liberal and less Morman I would be a hippie but alas I am not and here I am happy to be who I am.

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