09 January 2009

to be 23

January 8, 2009
Happy Birthday to you!
23 reasons why I love you...

1. When you smile out of pure joy and your eyes get all squinty
2. You don't really like football but can talk about it like you've followed it for years you seem to be able to do that with just about anything and everything.
3. Your love of Star Wars, light sabers and wookiee-pedia
4. Your desire for light and knowledge
5. that you love hockey and most sports for that matter
6. the love you show through service to others
7. that you are All-ways listening and very patient especially when I am stubborn
8. I love your mind, your soul, your light!
9. I love your different laughs, especially the silent hysterical laughter that comes when your funny bone has been seriously tickled and you crumble to the floor
10. I love your wit and humor, that you make me laugh daily
11. I love you even when you are a cranky old man, which is typically in the morning
12. I love your words, they are poetry
13. I love how insanely talented you are
14. I love how you keep me grounded
15. that you love nature as much if not more then I do
16. I love your light, that you exude kindness
17. I love to learn from you and feel my mind expand as we experience life together
18. I love love your kisses!!!
19. I love the kid in you that is silly, and fun and willing to dance every now and again
20. When I say "the kids"you know I'm talking about Allen, Wesley, Ashley & Madison, i love that you just know...!
21. Impeccable taste in Music and talent when it comes to making it
22. No one can air drum like you, and drive at the same time
23. I love how you love me...

there are of course thousands of reasons why I love you and I am sure to find more as the days go by. Happy Birthday to the boy who makes me laugh daily, weak in the knees, happier than I ever thought I deserved, Happy Birthday to my best Friend!!

I love you Ri!


Lincs and Ali said...

Aw. that was really cute. You two love birds....

Laura said...

How incredibly sweet! Thank you for loving my boy!!!

Chelsey! said...

AW! that is so cute! it almost made me cry! im so glad my brother has someone as amazing as you lexie!

ps i agree, he is way good at air drums while he drives.. even though it scares the crap out of me!! haha