13 January 2009

Booyah Achieved

So when we got called to Primary and were given the 11 years there was a silent sigh of relief. With the new year a new calling? The 5 year olds, we have been holding our breath ever since. Tonight we got a call from a bishopric member asking us to serve in a stake calling... Can you guess what might be the cherry on top of all this madness? We have been asked to chaperon a stake youth dance in a couple of weeks. What??? I said yes and upon agreeing I began plotting. The following conditions were put into place to which Riley agreed with a grin. 1) that we can take pictures, 2) that we post those pictures on a blog and 3) that we slow dance since I don't think we have ever really done that. I'm awkward in a crowd so we did not do the whole wedding dance thing. I remember what it was like to be so giddy and boy crazy, nervous not to mention awkward now i am all of a sudden grown up enough to chaperon such non-sense? I ask you when did this happen?? Like how I avoided the word old in that sentence? haha

p.s. my new little 5 year old friend who will remain nameless volunteered for the opening prayer in class on Sunday and basically asked for 2 more siblings because he didn't have any and really really wanted some and so on and so forth. I laughed! I couldn't help it I have never heard such a sincere plea for siblings, if only he knew ha ha.
Pictures to follow in a couple weeks!


Lindsey & Brett said...

But seriously though, does your Stake President know that you were once part of a group of miscreants that broke a girls wrist at a stake dance? At least I'm pretty sure you were there... At any rate, I hope it goes well. Make sure to keep all those grubby, hormone-crazed kids on their best behavior.

Melissa said...

So I just got called to teach the Sunbeams, and kids are insane!! I co-teach with another girl which at time can feel like an awkward companionship on the mission, but hopefully it will improve. Mostly I fee dumb teaching them since I swear they don't listen to a thing they say and I feel like I'm boring them to tears, but I do love their entertainment value. :) They are hilarious, as you so stated.

I have some exciting news...Jon and I are coming to AZ in 5.5 weeks!!! His sister/bro-in-law and their 4 kids live in Queen Creek and we vowed to take a trip to spend time with them. So the big question is, will we get to see you and riley?? I miss you and haven't talked to you for AGES and would love to see your cute self. We'll be there March 19-25 I think, but I'll have to double check. Do you have any plans around then?