06 January 2009

ha ha ha

For those of you who know me well know I can at times be very much the person in the above diagram. Which leads me into a story: So we have been teaching primary for the last 6+ months the 11 year olds and it has been fun, we had some good kids, and some goods times. With the new year we had a meeting with the primary presidency and low and behold we got a transfer from Sr. Primary to Jr. Primary,the CTR 5's are our new class. Well this past Sunday was our first in Jr. Primary and I seriously haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Some of the things those kids said cracked me up. Anyway we sat down at the end of a row I asked the little boy if I could sit by him to which he replied no. I was already seated and so I offered up my husband as an alternate he wasn't having that either but with no other options we stayed seated and the little boy moved as far over in his chair as possible. I like to pride myself on being good with kids but every child is different and so I didn't take it to personally. Well within two minutes this little boy was practically sitting in my lap, giving me high fives, sticking his hands in my face, talking my ear off, asking me questions, singing at me, and he slapped my chest once and when I say chest I mean boob which was a little shocking. Riley reacted by reminding him he needed to sit in his own chair and observe the bubble ha ha. Anywho it turns out this little boy was in our new class and is a bundle of energy and not the he-man-woman-hater that he first led us to believe, who kind of got in my bubble. Needless to say with six 5 year olds we have our hands full and need to brush up on our skills so as to keep these kidos entertained, and of course attempt to feed them spiritually. I plan on having corresponding coloring activities for each lesson, that worked well this week :) What an adventure we have found ourselves on!!!


Lincs and Ali said...

No way! We teach the CTR fives too and there are 6 if them. I very much related to your post! Church is so fun now.

Courtney said...

How fun to be able to teach class together! My little brother Jacob... Yes, JACOB has been called to teach the sunbeams... YES SUNBEAMS!!! Crazy uh?!? :)