20 October 2008


Although I have felt uninspired and extremely drained lately there are still little things that make me ever so happy. HALLOWEEN is one of them. I have been looking forward to decorating for months and as the month and days have passed and I have been eyeing things in the store that I woud love to adorn or should I say haunt my little nook I just can't bring myself to spend what they the sellers ask. I always think i could make something better or more creative. That always seems to be the plan but it rarely is brought to fruition. So I have devised a plan that I know many a people swear by. I will wait until the day after and hit the clearance ailes with coupons in hand! Yes next year halloween will be more haunting and spooky and spectacular for sure! Until then I must show off the gems that my mother made me because she knows how much i have always loved all hallows eve. She hand painted the faces, made up the pattern after seeing something similar in a magazine and vuaala!
I'm not certain if it is the feel of fall that hangs in the air teasing me with days of sweater weather and then not or the dress up or what but I love love love this time of year.

{The Halloween sign I painted, just for the record}

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Lincs and Ali said...

I was just thinking this year that I wish I still had that adorable bag your mom sent us on the mission with halloween candy in it. I was so glad to be able to share my first halloween in the mission with someone else who LOVES the holiday too!