28 September 2008

hairs cut; for Laura

The before picture, Riley has been moving up at work and was encouraged to trim his hair, normally he has it nicely combed but the windblown look was done for a more effective before shot.

and so... he got to trimming, and trimming...

and more trimming...

until finally we got this look

{The after, don't ya want to just pinch his cheeks!}

I didn't realize how much hair was on his head until this point. Also he got lots and lots of comments at church about how good his cut looked. I can't take any credit of course, i'm still on probation from the last cut i gave him(only kidding) I only took care of the trimming around the ears. My favorite comment came from one of the our primary kids in class, Jacob said he looked older with his hair shorter. I guess it was just funnier coming from a kid rather then an adult since he normally looks as old as they do, or so he says.


Lincs and Ali said...

I LOVE the hair cut. he looks so handsome.

Laura said...

Lexy and Riley
Looking good...older maybe?? Pops is very proud that you're trying to "follow in his footsteps" LOL (beard and no hair) As for the insects...be grateful they're not 3" flying cockroaches that would carry away the cat...ugh!!! These things are HUGE!
Love you both,

Lindsey & Brett said...

Wow. That is a lot of freaking hair! Looks good though :)