28 July 2008

Nifty little things

I really love the green ones .

I have always had this strange love for things that are a little out of the ordinary, I am probably a little out of the ordinary myself?!!? I have always been a picky & fickle shopper/person when it comes to ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING I like what I like and I know what I like the minute I see it. And when I find something that I actually like I have to have it. My mom has gotten to the point when I show her such things she'll just say"yeah, that looks like YOU". I brought some stuff home on Saturday and Riley asked me if I was from the 60's? I WISH. The cheaper it is the more likely I am to buy it and the more unique it is the better. The last few years I have gotten some pretty sweet deals and collected some pretty cool stuff, and I feel the need to share some of my newest finds with you all since I'm in a blogging mood and have nothing more pressing to impart.

For example, The stoneware plates pictured above. I just love these dishes. The colors, the patterns the style. I was showing my sister a set of plates I just picked up and my brother in law was taken down memory lane for they were the exact pattern of plates that he had eaten on as a child. Another set I have, my friend Russ had the same set in his house growing up. Come to find out back in the day you could get these plates for somewhere around one dollar a piece at Fry's if you bought a certain amount of groceries, $1! Really cheap dinnerware for buying groceries, seriously guys I wish they still had such promotions! Needless to say I will probably make my kids eat off of these dishes someday, that is if Riley doesn't take a stack and use them as clay pigeons for shooting practice. ha ha, I'm not sure how serious he was about that comment but any future puchases will be hidden in unused cupboards and blended into the mix over time =) only kidding

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Lincs and Ali said...

I love these plates..... do you have internet now??