19 May 2008

Merchants of Soul

I love spider solitare, my new found past time or way of passing time. That and realizing ridiculous things that I in turn post for whomever eyes to gaze.
p.s. I'm Moving... I realize that the p.s. usually goes at the end but I like to keep things intersting.
So I'm not going to lie, I'm not a fan of change for the most part. it always seems so rushed, unorganized and at times unwanted. And I like things mellow like a lazy river, organized as in I am in control and not being controlled by the situation and of course of my personal choosing. We learn from change though, right? There is a great deal of stretching of sorts. And as one of my favorite stories explains "experience is the mother of all knowledge". So as we experience things, like change for instance we are gaining pivitol knowledge that will aide in the growth of the person experiencing said movement. Needless to say I am experiencing some intense change. Allbeit desired and planned for and not really rushed, might I add fairly organized change to boot, oh yeah and I have an amazing partner in crime to help me through it all. Today I think change is good I am indeed grateful for the ability to change circumstance, environment personal or otherwise, myself and those terrible bad habits that plague me and of course the ability to spell check my blogs if I am in the mood.

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mimilee said...

how the eff am i suppose to comment!? i cant even find the little butten i just started clicking and finally got lucky! YEESH! anyway, i just wanted to say i am so happy youre happy. it fills me with joy knowing its still out there for me too! :)