05 February 2008

Why I was born to Rock and Roll

The soul is a deep deep cavern full of light and insight even if that light is shown forth through screaming at ridiculous pitches, electronica, electric guitar riffs, melodic harmonies, quiet anguish and angst, hard core rock and roll. . . etc etc etc

Francis Healy described the way to write a song as a stop in thought maybe even a stuppor of thought. The space between ones thoughts, the dark parts of the mind are where truly great music lies. And when the mind has been cleared those thoughts are brought into light by people who have been able to fine tune such a process. A truly beautiful experience I am certain.

I believe I was born to rock as much if not more then I was born to roll. Here is a general shout out to some of those men and women who continue to inspire me in my quest of pursuing both, and who with there genious inspire me to raise my fist in the air or sing along. Music is one of the great loves of my life. It fills my soul with meaning and often new insight into the hearts and minds of human kind. HMMMM music is everflowing from the minds, hands and hearts of so many in thousands of different languages beats and rythymns.
Gotta love that rythmn & soul.

Dustin Kensrue, also of the screamo band thrice. This guy has soul!!! Who would have known? I really like this guy
(Correct me if i'm wrong but from this angle he looks an awful lot like Steve Kesler!)

Namely The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Michael Peter Balzary "Flea" was said to be a trumpet prodigy who listned to jazz and was inspired then by Louis Armstrong and only brached out in high school after meeting future band mates including Anthony Kiedis. although I have yet to find the facts to back it up I once heard he has a doctrite in music. If music were comparable to a fine wine that only gets better and richer with time RHCP would be it. A lovely blend of rock and roll!
p.s. I really did try to find a picture of him fully clothed, apparently he isn't shy.

Oh, and speaking of hard core he once rocked so hard he wore a literal hole in his finger and played on using super glue to temporarily stop the bleeding.
AC/DC, Thunderstruck...
Led Zeppelin !!!

Mutemath, electronic rock and great

Foo Fighters, oldies but goodies time has been kind to these boys as well, Everlong!

Muse, live front and center dying of heat but I rocked on. These boys have helped tranform the progressive rock movement with falseto and electronica space pshcodelic and at times melodious sound not to mention their very deep lyrics. A-mazing
Travis, I wrote an entire blog about my day with Travis, I love this band one of my all time favorites. The british are really on to something.
RADIOHEAD, nuff said!
Iron & Wine = Sam Beam, WOW WOW and WOW. This man is talent! Folks friend and mine
I could write about music all day and all night but I will end with the Ben's
Ben Folds, Ben Harper and Ben Kweller
p.s. I know myself and I will probably add to this list from time to time as I see fit! In fact this may just turn into a favorites blog!!!
"The player plays ever furiously, he won't be swayed from the right melody, cause he knows it's beauty"
Spoon, I summon you
Death Cab for Cutie, summer skin
The Shins
Ingrid Michealson, breakable
KT Tunstall, other side of the world
Josh Rouse, ALL
Sufjan Stevens
Muse ALL
Rufus Wainwright
Mason Jennings, ALL
The Arcade Fire
Matt Pond PA

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