30 January 2008


Isn't it a wonderous thing to CHOOSE? What to wear in the morning, how long to shower whether to forgo the shower completely and be a ragamuffin, straight hair, long hair, curly, pony tail ah-natural... Breakfast, Lunch and dinner... and snacks in between. Milk, water, juice or soda. Salty and/or sweet. Tall or short, happy or mad Late vs. Early... Or maybe even just both. Up with the Sun and the sweetest songs of the birds as they sing hello to a new day then watching it fall into a ripple of color behind the furthest horizen. Movies and media, politics and knowledge, people and places and lots of surprises. Forests and rain storms, mountain tops with miles and miles to eat with the eyes. The minds an open landscape of color and shape and moments pass though much slower then is perceivable to mans feeble comprehension. The where's, when and how's are open for discussion. The who's are the best parts to choose. How colorful are the moments we pass day to day!

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