04 December 2007

Expression Soup

It baffles me to the very core those who have been gifted with words. That is to say those with a poetical power over articulation. Those who can turn a phrase into a magical maze of mystery and clarity. People who define a singular feeling with the greatest of ease while the rest of us no matter how complex our nature or large a vocabulary can express. Not to say we don't want to we just lack the ability to put pen to paper.

I love words and with the upmost admiration thank those who chose to use the power that word can convey to help the rest of us feel connected. Unified by what we think words can't define, to recognize that we aren't alone that others feel as we do and that their IS something rather someone bigger then us all that knows what we need to hear and when. That such hearing causesa piece of us to awaken time and time again to a sense that very few have fathomed could exist within our being.

Yes I love words, instead of eating them I wish they could pour out of me like ingriedients to the perfect soup, a soup of Expression. With a big helping of honesty and truth, a dash of sarcasm and whit maybe two dashes, and some reality of course.

1 comment:

mimilee said...

i feel the same way about comedic genius. i want to bathe in it.