05 November 2009

I love that the smell of his cologne clings in my nose after he has embraced me just before walking out the door for work.

I love that he devours my home cooked meals and always, always tells me what a great cook I am and he means it,( he's put on 20 lbs to prove it).

I love when he smiles and his eyes crinkle because of his cheeks (Squints)

I love it when he snores, even when it wakes me up because I know he is actually sleeping

I love how patient he is with me

I love how he is changing, growing, "maturing", and that he is my Man-Child

I love to rub my face in his beard and that he let's me

I absolutely love talking to him in the middle of the night when all else is quiet and nothing is pressing aside from sleep, and we can hash through the meat of life, belief, dreams, fears and in those moments when all else is still we can truly feel as one!

I love his willingness to teach me, I love how he loves me, how tender and sweet he can be and how willing he is to make me happy.
I love that whenever I ask him what I can do to help him he tells me "be happy, that's all"

I love how he loves me, he knows I need to feel his arms around me when he gets home. I love how tender and sweet he can be, how when I've had a bad day or am in a bad mood he is his silliest self and can always make make me smile even if I don't want to. I love that he knows I sometimes all he needs to do is listen and that sometimes I just need him and nothing else to feel better.

I love the insight he gives into matters of a spiritual and eternal nature, into life, that he always questions and not to instill doubt but to encourage me to dig deeper, think more, search and understand in a simplified way.

I love that he lets me have it my way, way more then I let him have his way, I think it is because I am more persistent but really I know it is because he loves me and I really appreciate that sacrifice even if it is just the movie we are going to watch just before bed (Jaws is not a good idea by the way... lesson learned).

I love that we can argue without really arguing and that we can agree to disagree, I am grateful to have someone who supports me and respects my opinions even if he doesn't always agree with them. I believe it keeps the relationship fresh and fun, give and take and open mindedness are some of our stronger traits and I love him for that!

I love him for his desire to be good, to be better and to be his best in what he does.
I love his strength, that amid difficulty and stress he can still reassure me that all will work out, that everything will be okay and that we are stronger for the things we experience in life and from life.

I have a tendency to focus on the negative in life and forget all the wonderful blessings we have, he never ceases to remind me of just how beautiful life is and together everyday can be gorgeous.

I love that he is my best friend and that I can always count on him to be honest, to make me laugh that he let's me be me and that he is just as silly as I am, a kid at heart. and I love love to make him laugh and that he does laugh at the ridiculous ideas that I share with him, he never judges me and takes me for who I am. I have so much to learn with him and so much to share with him and I am so glad that I get that chance each and everyday to have him in my life.

Life truly is so beautiful if we allow it to be such.

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