10 August 2009


So I was at Goodwill today parroosing the many wonderous things that others have deemed unusable and have donated to be sold at a very discounted price. As of late my visits to these types of stores has been a taxing ordeal because all of a sudden everyone shops at thrift stores. I assume it has something to do with the economy but really it has been a stressful to manouver in and out of overcrowded ailes, kids running around, no carts to hold my treasures etc. So in lieu of this most unpleasant develpoment I have decided to become a weekday thrifter and a sparse one at that seeing as I am unemplyed and shouldn't be spending money no matter how little it may be. Save save save!
Well whilst I was filling my cart and gasping at the excellent things I was finding a nice old gentlemen stopped me and pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket and asked if I had one. It was a 20% discount ticket. I politely and maybe with a little anticipation said no i do not. And with that he handed it to me while pointing to his cart that had only a drinking mug within, "there's no way i will be able to spend $10 to get the discount" and so he gave it to me. I thanked him in all sincerity and walked around the store smiling from ear to ear. Pondering upon the difference that man had been not only to my shopping experience but to my day and quite possibly my entire week! This may seem inconsequential but it meant so very much to me and I felt compelled to share!

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The Hardings said...

I love it! Sometimes I tell Dustin that I love old men, but somehow that always sounds wrong...