16 July 2009


Zooey Deschanel

We should be friends, BECAUSE:
She's super cute
She can play the piano, xylophone, banjo, guitar, and ukulele
She is a singer/songwriter and actress (AND SHE'S GOOD AT ALL 3!)
She has impecable style
She's beautiful/CLASSIC
She is getting married to Ben Gibbard who is the singer/songwriter of one of my favorite bands (Death Cab for Cutie and also Postal Service)
She is Talented
We would have fun together I am sure
She's down to earth
And I am sure some of her goodness would rub off on me and I would become an overall more enjoyable person =))!


Connie Onnie said...

Some of the family was watching Yes Man and Gracie came in to lay by me. She looked up at the TV saw Zooey and said Connie. Gracie as since become my favorite.

Lex said...

That's funny in our primary class I was coloring a picture of a sister missionary and I made the hair black and red lips and blushing cheeks with a cute dress over the frumpy thing the drawing had and Riley said it looked like you and I was actually imitating Zooey! So you just need one more person to say it and it will be true ("out of the mouth of 3"...)

Lincoln and Alisia said...

I just watched Elf and Yes Man this past week. I have been thinking about how much I like Zooey a lot lately... then I saw this. No wonder we are friends.

Kayci Ayers said...