12 June 2009

I wish...

So I found the perfect curtains for the living room!
Unfortunately for me I found them at Anthropologie!
Seriously I should stop window shopping there because they are way out of my "budget".

But just for fun and inspiration for me to find some lovely, soft, yellow, linen, floraly fabric to make my very own imitation of this my ideal living room curtain, for hopefully a third of the cost of these lovelies! Wish me luck

Anthropologie- COQO FLORAL CURTAIN,Rich color that still allows the sun to shine in and warm my house.


Kayci Ayers said...

here's a suggestion that might pay off~ start shopping for vintage bedspreads! You can find that similar pattern and texture at places like DI and Goodwill or even retirement community yardsales. Then you cut them in half and have two panels!

Lex said...

Thanks Kayci, I am on a thrifting hiatus at present but am always rummaging through the old sheets and pillowcases and other linens. I am also pieceing together a quilt using vintage pillowcases I have been collecting. I am even going to use that one pillowcase your mom made me when we were roomies in "college" haha. I love that frog pillowcase!