21 April 2009

Summer Wishlist

{for Starters I would Like...}

{T's, Skirt, Wedges}

{ Dresse(s), earrings, Shades}

Seriously I am in need of a tan, a vacation and some of these super cute outfits that represent the utter waste of hours upon hours and days of surfing the web and click click clicking. Of course all of these amazing things are waaaay to expensive and if I put my mind to it and collaborated with my mother and her endless seamstress talents I might be able to sew some of these summery lovelies myself {Sigh...}
My wish lists are usually fleeting anyway and so it is better to browse then to spend ridiculously, plus I am working on wants VS. needs.
I am weak and so wants tend to trump needs as far as shopping is concerned, oh well!


The Roussel's said...

im in need of a tan and definately a vacation!!! lets do it asap...im thinking MEXICO??? if you guys are down let me know bc jeremy and i are craving some beachiness and suuuunnn!!!!

p.s. im with you on the clothes and trying to work on needs vs. wants...especially for the summer, all i want are skirts and dresses!!!!!!

mimilee said...

i bet you could sew most of those dresses if you just found the pattern. thats the nice thing about the simpler designs they are making now a days...

Lex said...

I would love to go to Mexico with you guys! Don't you need a passport though, Riley doesn't have one.

Also thanks Mimi I appreciate the support!