02 February 2009

The Zoo

We have been wanting to go to the Zoo for awhile now and after a lack of live animals at the Zoo Lights we decided a daytime trip was in order. And as we were debating the Zoo we decided to buy a membership to get the most for our money. We can go as often as we like for the next year and also get some pretty sweet discounts at other Zoos and things around the country so we will be taking advantage for sure.

I put a few of my favorite animals up to share with you all

Can you believe that animals this huge exist, it is almost unbelievable, so prehistoric and really Amazing! We watched this Elephant try to get hay from this perch it was fun, they seem so happy to just exist. I definately can learn a lesson from them, Relax, Eat, Nap, Play, Repeat! Oh yeah and bathe occasionally, Done and Done.

This cheetah just kept pacing back and forth it was sort of creepy but such a beautiful cat!

Ah the Giant Desert Tortoise.
I think we spent 15 minutes watching this guy in awe. This one is over 100 years old and it was amazing to see her interact with her keepers it was very sweet. I really really have been trying to convince Riley to get some sort of pet. I really want a turtle they are so cute and relatively easy to take care of like a fish but they apparently can carry salmonella as babies. I have tried to wear him down with various tactics and at different times but to no avail. It is better that way though because the desire is always fleeting. But wouldn't it be awesome to go in your back yard to feed your Giant Desert Tortoise? I still haven't given up completely!!!

Um I would also love some otters of my very own they are just so cute

We had a lot of fun taking in a little bit of nature and reflecting on the beautiful things that we are surrounded by. Creation truly is an astounding thing and although we can't always grasp the depth of it all it was a wonderful experience to share in it for a few hours. Well worth the trip. I started out the day trying to convince Riley to go hiking with me, the Zoo was his compromise {Smile}.

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Lindsey & Brett said...

That looks like fun! How much is a year membership? We almost went to the zoo while we were in town, but it seemed a little pricey, but I'm sure a year membership makes more sense. Then you always have something to do. Also, keep whittling away on the getting a pet turtle thing. They really are low maintenance. And the germs thing isn't really an issue unless you don't wash your hands after touching them. And going out to feed your huge desert tortoise or even a little tiny baby one in the backyard is fun. But, make sure you keep the door closed, or they wander in...