27 February 2009

Remembering when...

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”- Mark Twain

I found this quote and it made me think of My Grandma Johnson. She used to tell us that if we forgot what we were going to say then it must have been a lie. She had a lot of little saying and she taught me a lot as far as card games go and winning then of course. Both My grandparents past away quite a few years ago My grandfather the last day of my jr. year of high school and my grandmother I think 5 years before that. I spent a lot of weekends with my grandpa helping him clean house and doing yard work after grandma passed away and I loved being able to spend time with him. I still can hear his chuckle and the way his whole body participated when he laughed. He had old records and old movies and lots and lots of books I suppose that is why I felt so at home with him. He was such a kind man and I love him. I think about his sometimes and miss him a lot. My mom always said I was a lot like him especially when I would eat the toast that got a little too toasty, apparently Grandpa loved him some burnt toast. And as I already mentioned my grandma was a card shark and taught me all she knew about speed and how to win at puzzles. She died her hair green once and I asked her about it and I don't remember her being too happy about my observant nature. She couldn't really cook, not for a lack of trying, and she swept the table and vacummed the linolium. She made us brownies once while she was watching us as my parents were out of town and when they had cooled and we went to dig in we found that an army of ants had found the tasty treat before we could. They must have known the Roussel mantra, "there are two kinds of people in this house, the fast, and the hungry" They happened to be the fast that time. I got a chance to read a few different things about them both after my grandpa died and I could feel the love that they had shared for so many years and was so grateful to have been able to know them. I guess it is good to remember my grandparents for a few different reasons, I hope to pass on some of those same qualities someday and so that my children can know a little bit about some great people that they will have to wait to meet. I guess I am really just happy to know that God knows us, has big plans for us and can't wait to reunite us and the ones we love.

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