09 November 2008

last straws

So I thought our ant problem was over and done with seeing as we used ever form of insecticide possible and winter is fast approaching, hibernation... etc etc. But not so. My first mistake was one that Riley would never had made. I used a seemingly clean cup that had been sitting on the counter without rinsing it out first. I grabbed it and filled it with cold, filtered water to quench my thirst. It was delicious. I then set the cut down and went to the other room to grab some Advil, came back took another swig to down the pills and then continued into the bedroom to share with Riley, i know he is always thirsty and loves water just as much as I do if not more. Upon reaching the doorway however I noticed that the contents of my glass had something floating in it. Upon closer inspection i became angry and disgusted all in the same breath. You guessed it my cup was full of ants. Swimming for there lives and some not so much swimming as they were floating. Riley asked what was wrong and after hesitating in disbelief at what had just occurred I told him i think i just drank ants. Scratch that I drank ants! Seriously. Even today I still cant believe it. Gross