25 September 2008

The ants go marching one by one.. .. .. ..

Ok so the spiders were one thing, crickets a whole different ball game and now, now we have a mad infestation of ants. What the heck? It's like the fall equinox happened and then the ants started marching. There will be no ants whatsoever on any surface of the kitchen and then as soon as I'm done cooking they come out in search of a feast. I have been especially careful lately to not leave even the smallest crumb anywhere, in fact I disinfect after every meal these days and still they come and still they find. Now if we were complete slobs I couldn't have room to complain but come on. To add to it all the crickets have mutated and now they fly! I kid you not!

My normally animal friendly husband has been turned into a insect killing machine, since maintenance has yet to come and take care of our pests. That being said and Riley sick of the extra cleaning and killing not o mention the swarm of ants we found in our garbage can under the sink on thursday we went to buy any and all sorts of ant/insect remover possible. We placed them under the sink and under the stove and let it work its magic and work it did. The ants have all but disappeared, but if they come back we will be ready.

{this is what is was starting to feel like at our place =}

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Lincs and Ali said...

ha ha. at least they are not huge spider crickets! We find and kill at least three in our apartment everyday!! These things are bigger than a quarter and jump AT you when you try and kill them... yikes.
good luck with the ants. that is a sweet pic.