09 August 2008


{Mr. & MrS. Smith}

{We are so grateful that so many family and friends could be there. We love you all}

{my brothers}

{I wasn't sure who had licked my face. . . until now, paybacks JJ, paybacks}

{Megs and torrey weren't there:( but these are my siblings}

{Chelsey & Natalie; My new sisters! aren't they gorgeous}

{The utter chaos of the Roussel's}. . .

{and the sheer composure of my new family}

{I Love my family}

{Kaylee and my brother sean}

{The Wessman's}

{The joining of two families, I couldn't have been more blessed}

{I absolutely Love this pic w/ my parents}

{My second family, The Rizzutos!}

{the "traditional" giving the bride away, doesn't my dad look torn up?}

{Ri with his parents, they are amazing}

{Ken & Laura, I love them!}

{Grandma & Grandpa Alexander}

{aunts & uncles & grandparents & people that really love Riley and have helped him through so much}

{Ella not used to the heat, look at those cute little rosy cheeks}


{Chad & Michelle Alexander, "uncle Chad"}

{aunt Judy & uncle Roger; I still can't decide if they were going for bunny ears or devils horns Riley may look innocent... ;) as you can tell they are a lot of fun, they flew in from Utah for the wedding!}

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Courtney said...

I L-O-V-E seeing your wedding pictures! The ones of your family are too cute, but I LOVE the one of you and your brothers... they haven't changed a bit!!! :)