22 August 2008

{summer love}

My friday has been "well" spent wandering the mazes of the internet, finding things that I like and looking for the exact replicas for a fraction of the price. Oh and also I have managed to squeeze some real work in.

I love Arizona for many reasons, most of which include; it doesn't snow, I can wear sandals all year long, all that is necesary is a light jacket or sweatshirt in the fall, t-shirts are always ok etc etc. Now I love shoes especially sandals and although I would prefer to be barefoot it isn't very sanitary and so if my resources were such and my barganing skills perfected I would probabaly own at least one of each of these beauties:

Also I found this bag but it is real leather and ridiculously priced. I saw the same purse in New York for $20.00 last spring. I should have bought it

And of course something new for the bathroom never hurt either. Very earthy right?

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