22 August 2008

guess what???

So a couple of weeks ago I was up doing my hair getting ready for work just like any other day and as I was straitening away I found quite a surprise. A stark white slightly curly hair had taken up residence in the lower layer of my brownish blond locks. Yup, I pulled it out right away because I couldn't believe my eyes I needed a closer look. As soon as it was out there was no denying it, White as fresh fallen snow! I quickly woke Riley to show him and first he said "that's hot" then he said "maybe a sign you should stop stressing". Needless to say I quickly grabbed a ziplock baggy and stored it away, for posterities sake. My first grey hair at 25, well I guess I bypassed the grey and went right for the white! I thought women went grey when they started having kids? Nope not me, I like to get a head start on things.

{picture to follow shortly}

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