18 July 2008


A List of 100 things in no particular order

1. I love pizza

2. I could eat pizza weekly

3. Mushrooms are delicious

4. I really like to go for jogs

5. Bikes

6. I love beards and being able to rub my face in them (Riley's that is)

7. I like boy bands like all american rejects and dashboard confessionals (they harmonize)

8. But only sometimes, i could easily live without boy bands as well

9. I used to hate dark chocolate,

10. I can't get enough of it now

11. I love Music, especially folk rock it is oh soo good lately

12. I love classic Rock

13. I love fish, both as pet and as food

14. When I was younger I wanted to be an FBI agent that chased aliens (thanks X-files)

15. I still want to be an FBI agent

16. Space facinates me

17. I want to really learn how to sew and knit, not just the amateur stuff I do now

18. I wish I had listened to my mom when I was 10 and she wanted to teach me to sew

19. I love that kids bring out the best in me

20. I never want to grow up (growing old is fine by me,bring on the wrinkles, I'll always be young at heart)

21. Long boarding is a fav past time of mine.

22. I wish I could long board more often

22. I love musical instruments

23. Music is soo fufilling to me

24. I love musicals, (lets tell a story in song, ok with me!)

25. I used to hate vegetable, I absolutely love them

26. I wish I had stuck with the piano

27. I want to learn to play the piano well

28. I want to take voice lessons

27. Bugs are attracted to me (I hate it, spiders and crickets as of late)

28. I want to run a mini marathon( a turkey trot or something for a good cause)

29. Did I mention I love kids already?

30. I love to mow the lawn

31. I love to clean (when i'm in the mood that is)

32. I wish I could live in the mountains

33. I wish I didn't have to wear shoes being barefoot is divine

34. I used to prefer climbing trees and ninja turtles to dolls and dresses

35. I still kind of do

36. I love to read

37. In case you haven't noticed I love to write

38. Sometimes I blog at work (like now for instance)

39. I have read all of the Goosebumbs books, or at least a large majority of them

40. Satuday mornings used to consist of cartoons and cereal in my pj's

41. I miss those days

42. Sometimes I have so much going on in my head I don't know what I'm thinking

44. I consider myself realatively witty

45. I really like Sci-Fi

46. This is a really long list!

47. I love that I have an overactive & vivid imagination

48. I sometimes have a hard time paying attention, must have something to do with wanting to be on a beach somewhere

49. I love picturing myself someplace else, a secluded beach for instance...

50. As much as I dont like reality tv, if I sit down to watch for a few minutes I can usually find myself sucked in. Not to worry though I can just as easily avoid it.

51. I love to laugh

52. I love people that make me laugh

53. My friends are important to me even though I can be a bum sometimes

54. I love my family

55. I am blessed with an amazing set of second parents (The Rizzutos)

56. I love people watching, observing etc..

57. I hate to be the center of attention

58. I love to make others laugh

59. I appreciate the silly and serious in myself

60. I know I can be stubborn

61. I love love to learn

62. I always have a million questions for any given situation

63. I like kids more then adults sometimes

64. I enjoy learning how to do thing for myself i.e. simple car maintenance, house repairs etc

65. I think if my parents were one person they would probably be super human, seriously though!

66. Politics both intrigue and infuriate me

67. I love soccer

68. I love Riley Richards S

69. I love to hike

70. I was a book worm when I was young, old habits die hard

71. I Love Books

72. I Love old book shops

73. I love thrift stores

74. I like overalls and think more pregnant women should wear them

75. I am my own worst critic

76. I have a strange affiliation with yarns

77. I have a knitting needle collection which I hardly use

78. I would like to rectify both 76 & 77 by knitting up some sweet scarves

79. I would like to think more positivley

80. I think therefore I am

81. I love place...

82. Smells...

83. Cultures

84. I look forward to learning at least one other language in this life

85. either italian or portugease

86. Maybe even French

87. I have always dreamed of scuba diving the great barrier reef

89. which would included a trip to Australia

90. As much as I hate purses I love them

91. I love long bike rides, the wind in my hair

92. I love playing Rock Band, it makes me feel like I can really play the guitar while I know the truth

93. I am glad I have so many things i enjoy

94. I know I mentioned a love of children But I am going to be specific and drop some names: Allen, Wesley, Ashley, Madison and Kaylee!!!

95. I love being out side, camping, walking, biking playing

96. I would watch a live Soccer match over football any day of the week

97. I love Sunday naps

98. I love bubble baths

99. I long spring drives with the windows down and the music up

100. I love playing worms with Riley

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