16 June 2008

Beardy Beard

This is Riley, I love him for so many reasons i don't know where or how to start, and to be honest I have a hard time articulating all the "why I love him's", but I do! We have laughed and played, prayed and cried, hiked and boarded, dug and planted, shopped and ate, written and sung, napped and read, studied and thought, shared and talked, debated and realized, served and kissed, traveled and imagined and felt together ecetera etc, but mostly we have loved. He is what makes my grin wider, my laugh heartier, my wit witier, my mind sharper, the bags under my eyes baggier (ha ha). because he loves me, gives me sweet kisses, whispers sweet somethings in my ears, challenges me, helps me understand, lifts me, cherishes me, takes care of me, listens to me, talks to me, loves the most random stuff about me, is doing all he can to be what he thinks I deserve and he is and so much more. I'm so glad to have you in my life and that we get to plan, play, grow and create for Eternity. I Love You Ri Ri.


Ashley said...

Hey Alexis, I just saw the comment you left. I would love to do your hair, but maybe it's a little too late!! Sorry! Anyways, just get my number from connie anytime and I would be happy to do your hair!! Congrats on the wedding!!! Oh and married life is GREAT! You will love it. :)

Lincs & Ali said...

that is so cute. And you so SO married!!!

AZ Finters said...

Too cute! Just found your blog. Looks like you are doing good! I am happy that you found someone to love.