07 April 2008

Remember when...

20 years ago:
1. 5 years old & cute as a button
2. allowing my mother to dress me under diress not happy about it mostly because of all the dresses, i just wanted to play
3. tramatized because my dad chopped off my lovely long golden hair, did I mention my mother was out of town when this took place?... and h=that it was one of those bowl cut hair doo's ugg

10 years ago:
1. was a fresman in Highschool
2. had survived my ugly duckling phase(jr high, shuudder)
3. had a crush on and nickname for all the senior boys

5 years ago:
1. Was changing my major for the 15th time at least(I believe I was into liberal arts thinking about photography and or painting, I don't really paint I just wanted to)
2. Was a social butterfly
3. Still trying to find my niche

3 years ago:
1. I was living in Argentina sharing the most important truth I possesed and loving others in a way I didn't know I could.
2. Dealing with the "bowel goblin" on a daily basis
3. Loving who I was becoming and what I was doing

1 year ago:
1. Working
2. Schooling
3. enjoying life and going where the wind would take me, always an adventure!

So far this year: met my partner in crime and we decided that we should make it official

Yesterday: hanging out with my best friend

In the next year: starting our new family of two, growing together, play play play

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