21 April 2008

Loving the Suns

My Grandma is turning 80 this year and is anything but a granny, she is a fireball and is as fiesty as they come, she says what she thinks despite the fact that it will most definately offend someone and i'm pretty sure she is aware of that fact, she's from the south and old so I guess it could be excusable but really that is how she has always been. If she were a man I would compare her to Charles Barkley whom I love for all of the aforementioned reasons. I was visiting her the other day (what I like to call 'death watch' which she got a good hearty laugh at and aside from discussing what she was going to leave me when she died, her bowel movements, politics, how she has never dyed her hair, and her trips to Mexico to save money on dentistry we most importantly talked Basketball. It went from her disappointment at the loss of Shawn Marion her adoration of Steveie(I was unaware she had a pesonal relationship with Steve Nash but whateve) to her deep rooted love of Raja Bell, especially his head lock of an opposing team oh and did I mention she innocently called him "Roger" Bell? Ha ha. We debated who was the best looking player on the team all skill aside she has a big fat crush on Bell. I mentioned that Grant Hill was attractive and she turned her nose up at him. After rethinking this conversation I realized that I had it wrong, grandma wasn't right but I sure was wrong Leandro Barbosa is in fact the best looking Sun, end of story. Foreigners are always better looking because of the accent, it is a well known fact ask any girl over the age of 14! Needless to say my time with my grandma was well spent and much enjoyed.
In '93 when the Suns lost the Championship to the Bulls I turned my back on the Suns, I'm pretty sure I cried I was so upset and am just getting back into it this past season. Sure I've watched a game here or there but I am proud to be a Phoenix Suns fan once again! I look forward to them kicking the Spurs all the way back to San Antonio.

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