04 March 2008

Radio Ga Ga

Freddie Mercury sure had it right in the 80's!

Here's the dilemma, my tape deck which was currently my connection to my ipod's fuctionality in my car has been on the fritz for some time now, (since i bought the car two years ago). In fact it makes this weird clicking noise whenever I have a tape or a tape adapter playing. Well the other day out of no where it decided it didn't want to work. That's right it stopped working all together. It makes the same clicking sound when in play mode but it does not fulfill it function of playing my music. ARRGGGGGG! I need my music! Luckily I have a radio adapter but I ditched it months ago because the static was too much to bear and I decided that the clicking was much more bearable then the incensant static of the radio. Unfortunatley that lasted only a day or two before I misplaced it which is code for, it is lost in my car and I can't find it. This is not funny guys!

Some might ask "why don't you just listen to the radio dummy?" Why... Why???This might be a logical solution for some, not for me Because the Radio is full of GaRbAgE! That's right I said it. You hear the same ten songs played over and over again within 10 radio station that spend most of the time advertising for garbage just so they can continue to play those same top 10 songs. Those songs might be good songs or even great songs BUT, there is something about hearing a song over and over and over again that is relating to chinease torture. I like variety and I like what I like and the radio just doesn't do it for me. On top of that Bunk, as if it weren't bad enough we get to hear from the hosts of these 10 radio stations, their half witted opinions on celebrity taboo, whose cheating on who, who is pregnant, what Britney Spears is or isn't doing today, wether or not Paris Hilton is going to jail, etc etc. The News has gotten to the point over the last five years that they have nothing better to report on than those same ridiculous things. It sure makes you wonder the state our contry is in. Do they affect the world as a whole or has society gotten so disconnected and lazy that it is so much easier to fill our minds with non-sense then with logical thoughts & ideas. Think for yourself, HMMM?!
Back to the radio, VJ's tend to be vulgar, somewhat mindless and are of course overpaid. Example Howard Stern, who the hell let that man open his mouth on national radio? GEEEZZZ This is all opinion and I have been plesantly surprised to find a few stations that are worth listening to. Wouldn't you guess that those stations are on the AM dile. Yep I listen to sports and political radio and that is about it. Oh and 92.3 which when I was in Elementary school was a hip hop station is really on the up and up when it comes to ploitical "warfare". Even the classic rock stations have been polluted and dilluted into something barely recognizable as Rock and Roll. So I guess I will be driving around in silence for awhile "chewing on the fat" of life and politics.


mimilee said...

i hate the radio too! when i get a new car is XM radio all the way for me.

i have actually lost touch with new music because i have too many songs, podcasts, tv shows, and movies on my pod.

im down with the P.O.D.

Deb said...

What is with our world!?!