06 November 2007


I do believe this place exists! Not in the same rhelm or reality that we experience day to day but in the confines of each mind that refuses to let go of any childlike, ridiculous, fun loving, magical, icecream mustache wearing, do whatever it takes to make the most serious of children laugh no matter how ridiculous you look doing it sort of people.
You only live once and so why waste that time trying to pretend as if you are serious and well manered when any mother in America(or else where) would sell you out in a second.

So why do I even bring this up? When I was little I loved the Toys-R-Us commercial and theme song. I was thouroughly convinced that I would never grow up that I would always be a toys-r-us kids and that was that. I hold that true to this day only it is slightly harder to grasp as the years pass so quickly and I no longer can use my teenage status as an excuse for my less then mature behavior. Mostly I justify my love of cartoons, Harry Potter, playing in the rain, pranks and old Disney films and anything that allows one to escape the realm of reality and meander in the mazes of the imagination. I have a vivd and amazing imagination, I surprise myself sometimes as I find myself daydreaming or imaginging scenes that could occur as I happen along from day to day. All that aside, Peter Pan is one of my favorites because of the obvious relation to Never growing up, escaping reality and the ability to fly with a simple happy thought. I guess we have a choice in not growing up just not a choice when it comes to growing old..er.
As I rapidly approach my 25th year of eating & breathing air on this sphere we call home I just can't grasp how I came to be this old. Not that 25 is old but when I was kid 25 was ancient and I find myself shamed by such a ridiculous mindset at an age I find myself surrounded by. I must seem like death to them that hold youth in there grasp. But only by years am I 25, really if I could be riding my bike into a rain storm, spinning around faster and faster until I'm dizzy like a plane propelor, super excited for Halloween and what character i will portray in costume, piles of dead or dying crunchy leaves that i spent a good hour gathering into the perfect pile for napping, hiding, and or diving, swinging higher and higer until you close you eyes and feel like you're flying. If I can feel carefree in those moments and quite content I must still be a kid!?! Seems logical at least to me!
Now I do enjoy the finer things: Food, travel, art, music of all shapes, sizes and decades, freedom to choose a bedtime, career, extracaricular pursuits, dating whomever, whenever where ever, etc. Choosing for myself those things that in and of themselves fulfill me as the adult I am becoming and the child that rages free as a bird inside me. I love life and appreciate all that it has to offer and at 25 I feel like I can embrace my age without having to sacrifice Loving every silly minute that I can escape reality and "be a kid".

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mimilee said...

i love this! how can you tell me your blog is nothing special! you have writing talent lexi, TALENT!