12 October 2007

Supermassive Black Hole

What, it's only 9am?!!
So I seem to encounter A) either tears in the time and space continueum or B) I fall into black holes for hours at a time and when I finally escape find myself only moments from the time I was sucked in. They Say time flies when your having fun right? Well I find this to be true. I can get on the internet and hours can pass in what seem like mere minutes (the tear in the time and space whatchamacallit), I can go running and what seems like half and hour is really only 10 minutes, I can watch a little tv and before I know it it's 2am, and then I can be working my fingers to the bone, the daily grind at my job and what seems like hours and hours is really only 45 freakin' minutes (the black holes). What the?

"Time exists just on you wrist so don't panic", this is a line from a song by one of my favorite bands Travis. They are exceptional! Anyway I find myself panicking as of late because the Black holes I am encountering seem to be more frequent. And my days seem to be the longest I have ever experienced! I mean 5 days a week 7-4ish at work doesn't sound that bad, but it can oh, it can! I have forced myself to ponder circumstances surrounding this supposed 'extension of time' the black holes if you will. By the way I must mention that most of these occurences have occured while at my desk at work. I feel that is important to note. Ever heard of the twilight zone? Well I have come up with a theory or two, and am doing a little experiment. Time flies when your having fun, your body is relaxed, feramones are released into the brain, muscles aren't tense you are an overall healthier vessel. So I decided to fake having fun while working, while working out, (while doing other mundane things that suck the life right out of you) you know try to trick the body and see what happens to the supposed loss of time. Really I would like to work 8 hours a day and not the apparent 15, and feel good about working out for an hour instead of creatively avoiding it day after day. I like to get physical but I don't like it to feel like torture. Another note I seem to be less constructive when no one is around; why is that? and is that applicable in this whole scenario?
Self Mastery may be the key here but that is a different blog for a different day.
So basically I'm not really sure where time goes when it's gone or how it stays longer then it is welcome to but I suppose I should just accept it as something that I can't always control and try to enjoy all the time I do have. Time is a tricky thing and you never know when you are going to run out of it!


mimilee said...

let me know how that works out!

Russ and Debbie said...

Wait til you have kids. some days Russ will come home and I can't think of one productive thing that I accomplished, but I never even had the chance to sit down.